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Tetrahedrons - A scaling up problem

Makers were challenged with a group project. Today's challenge how to design a manufacturing production line to scale up a Tetrahedron.

Materials: Colored construction paper, tape, scissors

1st the Makers were taught how to roll paper tubes and how to create a single tetrahedron. Then they were challenged in groups of 2/3 to create a tetrahedron pyramid made out of 4 tetrahedrons. At the end the groups combined their pyramid into a large Tetrahedron pyramid composed of 16 Tetrahedrons.

2nd the Makers were then taught what a production line was and had to self-organize themselves by picking and deciding how to divide the labor, what the jobs were, and who was best suitable for what job.

As they were creating a Mega tetrahedron pyramid composed of 64 Tetrahedrons. The Makers learned conflict resolution skills, how to communicate and give feedback to each other to resolve issues in the production, how to tweak and make the production line more efficient, being cognizant of how to take initiative to achieve their goal.

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