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Welcome to Our New Infant-Toddler Center


Your baby is one of your most precious gifts and Little STEaMers Infant-Toddler center is honored to be a part of their journey from the very beginning. We ensure a smooth transition to communicating milestone achievements; we’re not a daycare, we’re an extension of your home

Our highly trained infant teachers partner with you to ensure your baby’s developmental needs are met every step along the way. They create predictable routines and nurturing classroom environments that foster social and emotional development.  

Through age-appropriate, natural materials inspired by our Reggio Emilia approach, your infant will be introduced to sensory play, art, music, language, and fine/gross motor activities that are documented and shared with you through our daily Procare®.


Your toddler is on the move and becoming more active and independent as they begin exploring the world around them. Our Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum helps inspire curiosity and imagination in a way that is unique to your toddler’s individual interests. 

To do this, our toddler classrooms are designed to encourage purposeful play where our teachers guide your child through age-appropriate learning experiences that prepare them with the knowledge they need to be confident as they grow.

Our toddler teachers work to foster skills like listening, counting, writing, and following simple instructions. They also foster skills like pushing and pulling, sorting objects by color and size and stacking objects. 


Our programs provide healthy and freshly cooked meals prepared by a retired chef.


Enrollment in a LS infant-toddler center gives families priority enrollment for available spaces into LS's preschool centers, saving parents from uncertainty for the future and ensuring a continuity of care.

Effective August 1, 2022: Infant-Toddler and Preschool Tuition

COVID-19 Protocols
LS adheres to all local, state and federal COVID-19 guidance.

Reggio Emilia-Inspired Infant-Toddler Center

  “No way. The hundred is there.”
-Loris Malaguzzi-

The child is made of one hundred.
The child has

a hundred languages
hundred hands
hundred thoughts
hundred ways of thinking of playing, of speaking.

A hundred always a hundred ways of listening, 

of marveling, of loving,

A hundred joys

for singing and understanding

A hundred worlds to discover

A hundred worlds to invent

hundred worlds to dream.