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Air Powered Rockets

Today the Makers learned how to design and create air powered rockets. This design project teaches the Makers the properties of aerodynamics using Trial and Error and documentation procedures.

Materials: Construction paper, Tape, scissors, Air powered rocket launcher, measuring tape.

Each maker was given 5 trials to launch, revise, and measure distance traveled for their rockets. After each launched they could change and attempt to improve their rockets in any manner they wished.

After each launch the Makers measured and documented the distance traveled.

No answers or hints were given on how to improve their rockets. The Makers had to tinker and experiment, and through observing peers who created more successful versions, and by discussing among each other, the Makers were able to experiment and come up with unique solutions.

Ideas and adaptations the Makers had:

-Increasing/decreasing # of fins

-Shape and size of fins


-Various Body Lengths for the rocket

-Nozzle shape


-Method of taping

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