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Foil Boats

Presented to the Makers were two timed challenges. 2nd graders and up competed in groups to promote teamwork skills. They were given 45 minutes per challenge.

First challenge, make the fastest wind powered boat.

Second, make a boat that holds the most weight. Using tinfoil, craft sticks, tape, hot glue, corks, paper. Size restriction for both boats is less than 1 foot long and no weight restriction.

Part 1 - Speed Challenge. Let the race begin!

Lots of cheering and fun as the Makers each took turns in their teams waving a board to act as the "wind power" for their boat. Fastest boat to make four laps wins.


Part 2 - Float Challenge

Taking the lessons they learned from their previous challenged the Makers were abuzz with ideas as they scrambled to complete their boats in the time left.

Trail 1 Tests

Trial 2 Test

The Makers improved upon their previous design and learned from each other.

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