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About Us

Little Steamers is a Reggio-Inspired  & S.T.E.A.M. based preschool that values curiosity and innovation. We inspire children to have inquiring minds, the courage to will and persevere, and the joy and wonder needed to fully appreciate our ever-changing world.

LS 5 Essential Pillars


We believe children are active learners, explorers, experimenters and artists. By implementing S.T.E.A.M. in our daily curriculum activities, our young children will grow and develop into future problem solvers capable of facing the challenges of the future.


To uncover a child’s natural curiosity in STEAM through play.

Attentive Listening: We will listen with our eyes, ears, and heart.

Mutual Respect: We will treat people the way we want to be treated.

Appreciation/No-Put Downs: We will speak kindly to others and think of other people’s feelings.

Right to Pass/Participate: We have the right to pass in certain activities, and to know that the more we participate the more we gain.

Safety: We will always think of safety first.

LS Essential Competencies

Creativity and ability to "think outside of the box"

Self-confidence and ability to collaborate

Engage with questions and communicate reflections

Social Emotional Growth: Empathy and conflict resolution

Self-expression skills

Meet Our Team

LS Team

LS Director

Assistant LS Director

Assistant LS Director

Recent Blog Posts

Founder & Executive Director

Ms. Joni Jen

As a parent of four and owner of afterschool homework-help clubs and enrichment programs for many years, I encounter lots of young children who are frustrated while doing their homework. When the answers don’t come easily, they get upset and don’t want to try. They don't know how to fail, and they don't have a lot of practice with it.


Little Steamers is a place to allow kids to make mistakes, and may be one cool place to teach them to stick to something, even when they keep hitting that wall. With the unstructured time and materials, we offer kids to work on their own projects, solve problems together, and try things out over and over. It can be an exciting laboratory for our youngsters to get things wrong a few times, sometimes many times, to get to the right answer. 


I hope our young children will have more opportunities to get the answer wrong, and to have to find their own ways, as they grow older.

LS Teachers
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