Social Distance Learning Protocol

At Little STEaMers | Berkeley Academy, we want to ensure the health and safety of all children and staff during these unprecedented times. Please note the following Social-Distancing Protocol that our school follows.

● Low class sizes to promote social distancing within the classroom environment.

● Stable groups of students and staff throughout the school day. 

● During drop off, Parents will wear a mask or face covering to drop off at the assigned area at all times, and will not be permitted to enter the classroom.

● All students will wear face shields or masks at all times, except while eating and drinking or engaging in physical activity.

● Temperature checks will be taken on all children and staff upon arrival along with a verbal questionnaire regarding symptoms and possible exposure.

● All staff will take a health self-assessment daily when reporting to work.

● Staff will wear shield at all times, except while eating and drinking.

● All children and staff will wash their hands upon arrival and throughout the day.

● A thorough mid-day cleaning will occur each day.

● A strict sick policy will be enforced among students and staff that will not allow anyone with a fever of 100 degrees or more to return until they are symptom-free for 72 hours. A doctor’s clearance is required upon return.

● We will be using Clorox wipes, Alcohol Spray, and UVC (UltraViolet C) disinfection, and EPA registered Hypochlonous Acid spray to disinfect our facility in each classroom and common areas nightly to cover all surface areas. (Information can be provided upon request)

● If a family travels out of the country or a region deemed a “hot zone” for COVID cases, they must self-quarantine for 14 days before they return to school.

● If a child is exhibiting any COVID symptoms, they will not be allowed to return for 72 hours. If the symptoms persist, they will not be able to return without a negative test result or a doctor's note.

TK - K All-Inclusive Program

 ...getting ready for a lifetime of learning

Our Phylosophy

Our Transition Kinder and Kindergarten program engages students in S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)-focused learning through hands-on interaction. Our program aims to challenge the traditional classroom by transforming the environment into a thematic learning experience. Through our program, students will have the opportunity to apply math, science, and writing in diverse settings from cooking to computer science. By fostering curiosity and a love of life-long learning, our students will build a foundation of cooperative learning, cumulative understanding, and practical experience.


We offer a Full-Day Kindergarten Program as well as Half-Day program for kids who attend public AM or PM school. In order to maintain a small student:staff ratio, spaces are limited.

Our Program Details

Imagination Playground

Imagine your child more creative, social, active, confident, learning, and having more fun. Unlike toys, which often are limited in the number of ways you can play with them, blocks are open-ended. They empower children to use their imagination to build their own world, rather than inhabit one we create for them. Kids try new things and stretch their abilities.

Theme of the Week

Having a weekly theme for kids helps nurture their creative spirit and keeps them interested in learning. Math Monday, Science Tuesday, Sharing Wednesday, Reading Thursday & Art/ Cooking Friday.  

Etiquette & Life Skills

Through our Etiquette & Life Skills program, our kinders will watch videos and role play similar scenarios to practice their life skills with asking help, interacting in public, setting boundaries, being polite, respectful and problem solving.

Hands-On Science

In Hands-On Science, students use their five senses to learn about the world around them. Plant a garden full of healthy vegetables while learning about the plant cycle, blow a bubble tower to see how water tension works, and build an explosive volcano to watch a chemical reaction take place!

Circle Time/ Read-A-Loud

We will use this time to establish routine, interact with multicultural stories, and engage with each other during show-and-tell. Circle Time supports the development of socialization, listening skills, and fine and gross motor skills. Read-a-loud increases students’ engagement, understanding, and appreciation of literature.

Kinder Math Infinity

KMI aims to foster good habits and attitudes towards learning. It is designed for students Pre-K to 1st grade. KMI emphasizes independent and active problem solving (observation, thinking, judgement, execution). Children will learn to analyze, discover, think and solve. By practicing manipulatives, they become concentrated and more careful. Their abilities to do logical reasoning, to handle 3D space, and to correspond shapes and colors are also greatly enhanced in the course.

Arts, Crafts & Cooking

Kinders will participate in art and cooking activities related to the theme of the week! Whether it is painting, folding origami or even toasting delicious s'mores,  students will enjoy their time each other.

Chinese, Hindi & Spanish

Recent research shows that bilingual children outperform monolingual children on tasked that tap into executive function— skills having to do with attention control, reasoning, and flexible problem solving. We are strong believers in the benefits of being bilingual, so we offer daily language classes for the students.

Monthly Learning Focus & Theme of the Week


All about Yourself

Tell us all about yourself as we explore your favorite foods, colors, and build your face with fruit. Tell us about your best friends, parents, brothers or sisters, and pets! We will also learn how to keep ourselves safe wherever we are.


Pumpkins, Pumpkins

What can we do with pumpkins?We will start with learning how to measure how fat or skinny a pumpkin can be.  Then, we will find as many words as we can that start with the letter "p".  Maybe, we will even make our own pumpkin pie in a cup! 


What is an Election

 We will learn about the most important election in the United States - the Presidential Election. We will learn to recognize shape and numerical patterns and even figure out why the Statue of Liberty is green.


Celebrating Holidays

We are known as the "melting pot" because we live in a place where different people or  cultures all come together and begin to merge and mix. We will learn about three different holidays that are celebrated in December.


Happy New Year

Let's see how different cultures celebrate around the world. What kind of food do they eat? what games do they play? What can we do better this year? It's still a bit chilly, so lets put on our winter coats and learn about snow!


Appreciate Cultures

We will enjoy the festivities that surround Chinese New Years by hosting a talent show and potluck. February is also known as Black History month, so we will also learn about empowering and brave African American leaders in history.


Celebrate Diverse Events

Starting with Dr. Seuss Week, we will embrace the wonderful and imaginative mind of Dr. Seuss cooking their own Green Eggs and Ham! Next, we will learn about the importance and selflessness of soldiers who fought for our country. 


Welcoming Spring

We will learn about different furry animals- how to take care of them and ways to keep animals safe. We will also learn about the weather by becoming a weather reporter.  After Spring Break,  We will learn about a plant's life cycle,


Happy Mother's Day

Mommy, I know you love me, and always there for me.

 From my heart, I want to say I am so glad you are my MOM.

Mommy, I love you always. 

Our whole class will brainstorm the ways to show our LOVE.  

"M" is for MOM. 


Father's Day Surprise

A Father's Day Thank You.

Father's Day crafts

Sample Regular Daily Schedule


9:00-9:45 Homework/ Math Infinity & KMI & 

10:00-10:30 Theme of the Week

10:30-11:00  Outdoor Play / Snack

11:00-11:30 Khan Academy & Lexia


2:00-2:45 Homework/ Math Infinity & KMI

3:00-3:30 Theme of the Week

3:30-4:00 Outdoor Play / Snack

4:00-4:30 Khan Academy & Lexia

Full Day TK-K with Distance Learning Support

Staffs will help Full Day TK and Kinders participate the Public School Distance Online Learning program.  After the classes, the students will follow AM or PM TK-K scheudle

Schedule a Tour

We would love to have you and your child tour our school. The goal of the tour is to help you gather as much information as you need to make the best decision for your child’s education. It is highly recommended to schedule a tour.