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for Spring Break Camp!

Spring Break STEAM Camp for littles (PreK – K)

Olive Children and Little STEaMers Preschools offer STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) experiences and more to create an early foundation for creativity and encourage imagination and self-confidence.

Choose from three options for our littlest campers (PreK-K): just the morning, afternoon only or a full day of fun! Projects and activities will vary from morning to afternoon

Theme: All About Spring

Learn about the nature process of living things, including the life cycle of plant, how things grow, the parts of plants, how plants absorb water and nutrients, and the important of sun and water.

April 22 | Seed Mosaics

The children will discover the characteristic of seeds and use the seed to create a picture.


April 23 | How Plants Drink

The children will observe how water and nutrients are delivered to all parts of plant.


April 24 | Seed and Sun

The children will conduct an experiment to determine the importance that the SUN plays in growing seeds.

Working in the Garden

April 25 | Seed and Water

The children will conduct an experiment to determine the importance that the water in growing seeds.

Gardening Lesson

April 26 | Planting Seed

 The children will learn how to plant a seed, observe the seed life cycle, and discover the growth of their plant over time.


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Daily healthy snacks will be provided

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