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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions:


Does my child need to be Potty Trained?

Answer: No! While we do prefer to enroll children who are already potty trained, our staff is fully qualified and trained in teaching your child to be succesfully potty trained no matter what stage they are at.

What kind of food do you provide?

Answer: We provide a healthy snack during their snack time at no additional cost. We include a fresh fruit and a healthy grain. The Monthly Snack menu is made available prior to the start of each month. If your child has a special dietary restriction let us know and we will gladly supplement something else at no additional cost.

Are you an inclusion program?

Answer: Yes! We are an inclusion program. We will even work with providers such as Caregivers or Behavior Therapists to ensure your child experiences the best possible preschool experience they can.

Do you go on field trips?

Answer: Not during the school week.

Where do the children play?

Answer: All activities are inside the school grounds. However, occassionally the children may be lead on a guided walk around the plaza. Prior parent notice and authorization will be requested for those times.

What are our vacation policies?

Answer: Tuition is still required to reserve your child's spot. Special considerations may be given at the directors discretion based on family emergency situations. More information can be found in the parent handbook.

Do you have Late Pick-Up Fees?

Answer: $1 per minute past your child's scheduled hours. Please read the parent handbook for more information.

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